Inclusive worship for anyone who has problems communicating and their carers

Jesus told lots of stories about every-day events that were easy for people in his time to understand. We now call them 'parables' and they are still an excellent way of grasping some basic facts. Our service on 24th March uses a seasonal one, about a man who went out to sow the seeds for his crop, and tells about the problems the seed had to face before it could come successfully to harvest.

Come along at 3pm and enjoy everything that goes on, including a cup of tea, biscuits and a good chat afterwards. Everyone is welcome, there will be familiar songs, perhaps some new ones, things that you can be involved with and a friendly, relaxed atmosphere where everyone is welcome. You can download an A4 poster here, or, if you prefer, print two on an A4 sheet and give one to a friend.

There is plenty of convenient parking, good level access and facilities for those in wheelchairs or with limited mobility. Do come, with your carer if necessary, and join us!