Inclusive worship for anyone who has problems communicating and their carers
We're looking at hands in this service. How we use them, how we look after them (or not!) and how we can use them to help others. Jesus has no hands on earth but our hands - what does that mean.

We aim to make our service as accessible to everyone as possible, with simple language, familiar songs and an informal atmosphere. You are very welcome to join us at St Cleers on 22nd April, starting at 3pm. The service lasts about 45 minutes, then we get-together for tea, biscuits and a chat. You can bring a carer, driver or friend, there's plenty of room for everyone.

If you want to download an A4 poster to print and display, click on the image alongside, or here.

If a smaller A5 flyer is what you want, to s
pread the good news, we have two printing together on a single sheet here.  Give one to a friend and encourage them to come along too!