Inclusive worship for anyone who has problems communicating and their carers

Spring is a time when we clean up after the long dark nights of winter and everything starts to burst into new growth. We'll use the idea of Spring Cleaning, and the chance of finding something we might have lost, to look at how God.cares for us and rejoices with us. There'll be familiar songs and plenty of action.

If you would like to join us on Feb 12th at St Cleers, it's starts at 3pm and lasts about 45 minutes, then we all join together for tea, biscuits and a chat. You are most welcome to bring a carer, driver or friend.

If you want to download an A4 poster to print and display, click on the image alongside, or here.

If a smaller A5 flyer is what you want, we have two printing together on a single sheet here. Spread the good news! Give one to a friend and encourage them to come along too!